Saturday, October 31, 2015

To Confess or Not to Confess?

I was having a texting conversation with a friend about some shoes I was considering buying. They were a little pricy, but of course I could justify them due to the increasing number of mornings I hobble out of bed with foot pain,(If you don't know what I'm talking about just wait, 40 is right around the corner). They are the Dansko brand which are expensive by nature, but I had found them online at a good price, (score!). The conversation was about whether or not I should confess to Tom that I was planning to get these very necessary, yet wallet-squeezing pair of shoes.
"I just have to decide if I'm going to sneak-buy them now and take the consequences later or be a grown up and say something before I buy them" I said.
"Say something now and get it over with and buy's a great price!" was her advice.
So I humbly confronted Tom to tell him I was getting these shoes because I really need them and they are really a bargain, compared to full price! It actually didn't go as bad as I thought. In fact, I don't know why I'm so reluctant to divulge my little spending sprees, which really don't happen that often. Maybe it's because as wives and mothers, we don't feel like we deserve to indulge a little on ourselves every once in a while. I mean, I have shoes that are older than Sammy, so why do I feel like I need to ask permission to replace them? Maybe it's because there's always someone else who needs something so we feel guilty putting ourselves ahead of someone's new pair of winter boots.
If I'm confessing here I probably should say that my sneak-buy it now-repent later spending isn't anything new. Tom has already learned the old "buy something and destroy the packaging-leave it in the closet for a week and then wear it saying that it isn't new" a long time ago. Now he says "When'd you get that?" instead of "Is that new?" I'm really trying to turn over a new leaf, especially after last tax season when I had to sit next to him and scroll through pages of books I had bought off Amazon for my classroom without his knowledge. And then I wonder why he thinks I spend more that I really do? So I humbly pledge to turn over a new leaf. No more sneak-buying...right after I check out the sale at Old Navy.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Just Like Riding a Bike...Be Specific

Have you ever heard the old saying, “It’s just like riding a bike!” which means that hypothetically, once you learn to ride a bicycle, you never un-learn. No matter how old you are you can just jump back on one and go. Notice I said “BI-cycle”. I did that on purpose because I don’t want you to confuse bike, the pedal kind, with bike, the motorcycle kind. I’m here to tell you there definitely is a difference. For me there is anyway.
            I grew up riding motorcycles. We had dirt bikes at our home in Grand Ledge where we rode them around the neighborhood and through the motorcross track that some of the guys made in a field behind our house. We also had dirtbikes at our family’s summer property in Grayling. We would ride those through the sandy fire trails near Camp Grayling. It was a blast! I never got to be an expert rider by any means. When the guys in our neighborhood would go flying over the jumps on the motorcross track I would putt around them. But I could hold my own.
            Fast forward to about 5 years ago. I had been on the back of Tom’s bike for about 10 years and got the bug to ride again. Basically, I was feeling a little sick of staring at the back of his helmet. My friend and I decided to take the basic rider course offered down at Ferris State in Big Rapids. It was a weekend course where we got reacquainted with the bikes and earned our cycle endorsements.  I have to admit that I was pretty rusty. OK, really rusty. It was like learning all over again. It seemed like when Tom got a motorcycle after 15 years, he just jumped on and off he went. Me? Not so much. I did have fun chuckling about a lady who said she only rode her motorcycle up and down her driveway. Ha! That wouldn’t be me. I was now “street legal” and had that little CY on my license to prove it. Shortly after that class we bought my VW Bug and the dream of owning my very own motorcycle was shelved.
            Here we are in 2015. The bug is gone and I’m the proud owner of a Harley-Davidson Sportster. I stood there and stared at it and wondered, “What was I thinking? I can’t ride that thing!” I actually had it delivered because I was afraied to drive it home. Here’s where we return to the “Just like riding a bike” saying. It wasn’t. First I watched the first ½ hour Tom’s “Ride Like a Pro” video to refresh my memory. 
            Lesson 1: Practice the friction-zone (a brake/clutch drill)
With my boots, jeans, leather coat, helmet, shatter-proof sunglasses and gloves, I got on my bike and started it up. Then I proceeded slowly-slowly down the driveway. Then I pushed-turned it around and went…back up the driveway…just like the lady from my class. It took me almost a week to get out of the neighborhood. But with lots of encouragement from Tom and some good-natured ribbing from our friend Dave, I made it around Lake Charlevoix on my maiden voyage. Just like riding a bike? No, not in the slightest. But fun? Oh heck yeah. Maybe you’ll see me out there. I’ll be the one cruisin’ into my 50’s on 2 wheels.

Friday, August 21, 2015

I Have Always Depended on the Kindness of Strangers

Remember that famous line in the movie (or play) A Streetcar Named Desire, when Blanche DuBouis said, in that slow, deep, Southern drawl,
“Whoever you are, I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers.”

I can totally relate to that, but my quote has a bit of a twist, and a hard-A Midwestern accent, “Whoever you are, I’ve always depended on the creativity of strangers.” My mom always used to say, “You are so creative!” Actually, I’m not. I’m so imitative. I can draw, but not with my own brain. I copy the art of others quite well. But that’s not all I copy. My friend and I were talking about how she put together a birthday party for her son about 12 years ago. The theme was SpiderMan and she put little Spiderman cutouts on toothpicks and lovingly inserted them in each party-goer’s cupcake. She had the kids wear Spiderman outfits and all of the decorations had the same theme. When I reminded her of this and admitted that I had been impressed and a little bit jealous, she said that she had to do it all herself because up here we did’t have party supply stores and we definitely didn’t have Pinterest! You can bet your banana that the next party I threw had some sort of superhero theme and decorations! These days creativity and style have made a huge leap forward in my life with the advent of Pinterest. My son’s graduation party decorations and food ideas were chosen thanks to a long evening on Pinterest, pinning and re-pinning. Deciding and changing my mind depended on the next “graduation party food ideas” pin I came across. Don’t have something to crochet? Type “crochet patterns” in the search line and Wa-La! Hundreds of ideas ready to go! I don’t even have to labor over outfits anymore. If I don’t know what to wear, I just go to my “Ideas for Improving my Wardobe” board and pick out something, then run upstairs and get dressed…once. We are getting our family pictures taken so I have a board “Family Photo” and made sure the photographer checked it out so that we can both be sure our family pictures reflect the current trends and don’t remind people of the Olan Mills Photography Studio wagon wheel and background scene hanging behind us.

In fact, when I was trying to figure out what to wear for the family pictures, I went right back to Pinterest and looked at what the other moms were wearing so I could be sure I have on just the right cardigan with boots combo to reflect my fashion-forward lifestyle. Yup, the depths of my creativity and style are endless and I am not ashamed. Thank you kind stranger.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Dogs in Strollers...'nuff Said

My husband and I were recently enjoying some time in downtown Charlevoix. As usual we were talking to friends while simultaneously doing a little bit of people watching. Suddenly, Tom called out “Dawn! Look! Look!” He was point at someone carrying a small, poofy white dog in a backpack. It looked utterly ridiculous.
It looked something like this:

"Oh-my-gosh! I can't believe what I'm seeing right now!" Actually I could. Tom purposely pointed it out to me because he knows that my most recent pet peeve is seeing dogs in strollers. Yes, I said dogs in strollers. If you haven’t seen this current trend, there are actually strollers specifically designed for dogs. Nothing sends me into a full blown rant than seeing someone pushing a dog around in a stroller. We live in an area that has summer visitors who usually bring home a much higher paycheck than we do, and I can assume this considering the large yachts they have parked in our marina. So what these people do, is take their dogs from their yachts, put them in strollers, push them around town, maybe to the do their doggy “business” and then put them back in the strollers. I have tolerated the teeny-tiny dogs being carried around in purses by teenage girls, but the dogs in strollers have literally launched me into orbit. Dogs are animals that need to be exercised and should be allowed to walk (on leashes if you’re in town) and do what dogs do like smell stuff. Have you ever seen a dog looking sad on a leash? Most dogs are happily trotting along with their tails wagging and little doggy smiles on their faces. Dogs in strollers on the other hand? Sad. They just look sad. I saw a beagle in a stroller and his head was hanging over the edge and he looked like he was thinking,
            “I am dying here. Someone just shoot me now.”  Beagles should be running rabbits or digging holes in backyards. Not lying in strollers as some sort of grown-up’s babydoll.
I really think that by not letting dogs get the proper exercise they need borders on animal cruelty. Yes, I said it. Animal cruelty.  I’m not a member of PETA, if that’s what you’re thinking. When I posted an anti-dogs in strollers rant on Facebook one friend said,
            “Well what if they can’t walk very well?”
            “Then leave them at home!” I replied.
Sometimes I imagine myself walking up to one of these people and politely starting a conversation.
            “Oh is your dog handicapped? That’s so sad!”
            “No, I just like to push Lovey in this adorable stroller I got at “Stuff Dogs Don’t Need Depot” Plus her paws get all dirty when she touches the icky sidewalk and the groomer didn’t come with us on this trip”
            “Interesting. Mind if I take Lovey and give her the life she deserves? Because she is, after all A DOG!”

You know, I can see maybe a cat in a stroller. Cat’s don’t do well on leashes, but then again, cats usually stay home.
I stand corrected.

So I guess I have a point to all of this. If you want to take your dog out and explore the community with you, put Foo-Foo on a leash and let her explore like she was created to do. Otherwise, leave her on the yacht so she can sleep, the other thing dogs were created to do. I’m thinking of starting an organization. I’m going to call it “People Against Dogs in Strollers” or PADS for short.

Caution: Disturbing Pictures of Dogs in Strollers

Isn't this soooo cute and fashionable? NOT!

Please God, make it stop!

Is that just about the saddest thing you've ever seen?

Or that? Is it a cage or a lobster trap?

Um. Yeah.

And finally, the lady gets to run and the dog doesn't and nobody has a problem with that?

Brussel Sprouts? I Just Can't Go There.

For some reason this post is publishing weird. I know it's distracting, but I can't figure out why it's doing this, so hopefully it won't bug you as much as it's bugging me! Must be the brussel sprouts.

I love to cook. I will try to cook almost anything. Over the years I have learned that things I thought tasted bad (broccoli, peas), are actually good when cooked properly. I love websites like Pinterest and apps like Yummly, on which I can spend hours pinning or “yum’ing” hundreds of recipes. This summer I have been trying to use my CSA veggies that we get from Bluestem Farms to try new things. Roasting vegetables has been one way that I have been experimenting with unfamiliar foods like radishes and beets. I have really been stretching the limits of my culinary experimentation even when it has come to using ingredients like tofu. But there is one food that I simply cannot CANNOT bring myself to experiment with and that’s brussel sprouts. I have seen recipe after recipe of brussel sprouts happily adorning salads and as delightful side dishes with wonderful looking sauces. But to me, brussel sprouts are that evil bitter tasting side dish that sat on my plate until bone cold at 9:00 at night while I waited out my mom’s “You will sit there until you clean your plate” command. But brussel sprouts seem to have become popular these days. If you look on Pinterest or Yummly you can find pages of recipes for them. I have been vehemently against cooking them until I started watching some cooking videos from my favorite healthy cooking guru, Dani Spies. She is a blogger and YouTuber who has all kinds of instructional videos and recipes. When I have an ingredient I don’t know what to do with (e.g. Hakurei Turnips) I will usually search her site and see if she has posted anything about them. One day in particular I kept stumbling across recipes for roasted brussel sprouts. Curiosity overtook me and I thought “maybe?” As I started watching the video I got this bad feeling deep in the pit of my stomach and I quickly paused it like one does when getting to the scary “Don’t open that door!” part of a horror movie. After about a half-hour I returned to the video and with an upset stomach and determination I watched the remainder of the video, “How to Roast Brussel Sprouts” and watched Dani tell me how to make these evil little demons into delectable morsels. As she nibbled on the completed product she said “This recipe is sure to make anyone into a brussel sprout lover!” They actually looked somewhat tempting, but as to whether or not I’ll actually get over my brusselsproutphobia is yet to be seen. Like I said, I’ll cook almost anything…almost. 

P.S. Just in case you are a BS lover (I couldn’t resist) here is the recipe: